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Hot Springs Civic Convention Center - Horner Hall
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History of Garland County Leadership Prayer Breakfast

The Garland County Leadership Prayer Breakfast was originally sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Hot Springs Chapter of the Christian Business Men's Committee (CBMC). The idea came out of the Chamber's Local Government Committee in an effort to bring our County and City Governments closer together and to encourage the two Governmental Bodies to work together more and stop fighting each other on several issues. The objective was to Pray that our elected officials would work together for the common good of all of Garland County.

The Chamber discontinued sponsorship of the event after a couple of years but the event has continued through the dedicated efforts of Christians of many denominations working together to organize the events. The event could not have survived so successfully without the Lord's guidance, the business sponsors and the support that has been provided by the Christian Community of Garland County.

The Leadership Prayer Breakfast Committee has brought many Keynote speakers to Hot Springs.  Our first speaker was Braz Pryor, VP of General Motors.   Some of the other speakers has included Governor Mike Huckabee, J. Thomas May, Paul Eels, Pat Day, Coach Frank Broyels, Jimmy Houston, General Wesley Clark, Sidney Moncrief, David Bazzel, General Doug Bunger, Dr. Dennis Swanberg, Dave Woodman, Judge John Ward and Jim Dawson (President of Zebco at the time). Pat Day has spoken 2 times, Governor Huckabee has been with us 3 times and Herman Weaver, Ken Hatfield

.......... There has been between 600 to 900 people attending the event each year for the several years.

1990 (first annual)-Braz Pryor, VP of General Motors

1991- organized the Olympic games when he was the convention executive director in Atlanta.

1992-Pat Day

1993 – Jim W. Dawson (363)

1994 – Frank Broyles                 (438)

1995 – Circuit Judge John Ward (365)

1996 – David Bazzel (368)

1997 – Sidney Moncrief (395)

1998 – Dave Woodman (409)

1999 – Mike Huckabee  (778  ) – first year in Horner Hall

2000 – Mike Huckabee (924 )

2001 – General Wesley K. Clark (816 )

2002 – Jimmy Houston (510)

2003 – Paul Eells (525)

2004 – Dennis Swanberg (515)

2005 – Mike Huckabee (656)

2006 --  Pat Day  (674)

2007 – General Doug Bunger (568 – charged)

2008 – J. Thomas May (

2009 - Herman Weaver ( ) 20th Annual Program

2010 - Ken Hatfield

2011 - Mark Davis  

2012 - Kevin Scanlon

2013 - Craig O'Neill

2014  Dr. Stan Toler

2015 - Larry Ferguson  Photos